Gun Holsters And More

Gun Holsters And more

Pocket Holster Problems

Pocket holsters are a very popular way to transport weapons and they keep the obvious from being obvious from the exterior of your pants material. However, there are some downsides to pocket holsters that you may not have considered that are worth evaluating before you pick one up.

Sticky Situation

Most commonly, a pocket holster will feature a tacky or sticky exterior. It’s not an adhesive and won’t permanently attach itself to your pants. However, it will keep the holster in place. The problem is that not all manufacturers use the same materials and therefore, not all of them boast the stickiness that will keep the holster in the pocket. As such, sometimes the holster can come out of the pocket right along with the gun.


Men notoriously keep things in their back pockets. However, the bulk of a handgun and the cold and hard metals they are made of can be less than pleasing to a backside. While generally comfortable in a standing or walking positing, they are often less than comfortable for those engaged in long periods of sitting or lying, and therefore are also an exceptionally poor choice for driving as they are almost impossible to access (particularly back pocket holsters).

Confusing Concealment

Most pocket holsters do a fine job of preventing printing in the pocket, but not all of them provide the shape distorting characteristics that are the hallmark of the best concealment holsters. It’s not just enough to prevent printing. If the shape the holster creates is confusing, awkward or can’t easily pass for another item normally stored in the pocket, the holster has not done its job correctly.

Summarizing the Small Stuff

Pocket holsters protect firearms and keep them upright and ready for fast action. They make poor choices for sitters and squatters but are great for everyday concealment of smaller handguns.